What goes around…

Came across this passage the other day.

‘The best officers and the finest soldiers were obliged to sacrifice themselves in a lamentable way, to compensate for the negligence and incapacity of a Government always ready to plunge the nation into a war without the slightest care of what was necessary to obtain success.’

Press report from Afghanistan 2010? Could be, couldn’t it? In fact it’s Ensign (later Major-General Sir) George Bell of the 34th Regiment of Foot. Writing in his diary about the siege of Badajos – in 1812, during the Peninsular War!

So when PM Gordon Brown faced the recent enquiry to state categorically that troops in Iraq and Afghanistan always had everything they needed,  it meant that requistion, supply and logistics systems were all working perfectly. For the very first time in the 350-odd year history of the British Army.

He couldn’t have been fibbing, could he?  Not a politician?

Problem is that  it’s always other guys,  like the Welsh Cavalry (1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards) pictured above, who end up taking the real flak.


~ by cavalrytales on April 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “What goes around…”

  1. wow. That is not something to screw up.


  2. Trouble is, it’s true. The British Army’s always been the best trained…
    and the worst equipped.


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