The Horse that Won the Battle of Waterloo…(OK – he had a little help!)

 Napoleon’s grey Arabian Marengo apart, the Duke of Wellington’s chestnut charger Copenhagen is probably the most famous  horse associated with this era. But it remains difficult to find much information about him and his life.

So I was delighted to find a superb series of articles on this iconic equine by historian Katherine Kane, which must have taken goodness-knows-how-many hours of research to produce. And because I think they deserve to be read more widely, I’ve put links to the three articles below.

If you’ve any interest in how horses fared during the Napoleonic Wars, I guarantee you’ll find this series a fascinating insight into the life of an officer’s charger, albeit one with a few more advantages than most!

~ by cavalrytales on February 8, 2011.

One Response to “The Horse that Won the Battle of Waterloo…(OK – he had a little help!)”

  1. Definitely a worthy read. Such a love for an animal is shown here in these areicles. Thank you for sahring.


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