Boots on saddles!

This picture appeared in today’s Daily Mail.

Remember I was talking about falls recently, and the difficulty French Curassiers had, getting stuck in the mud at Waterloo? Well here’s a slightly different problem.

Heavy cavalry also wore huge, knee-length boots – not exactly ideal for running away. The Household Cavalry still wear cuirasses and high boots. So maybe this poor trooper had the right idea.

Take a good look at his feet. See? His boots have stayed with the horse! Much easier to run away in your socks, though to be fair the Mail printed another picture showing a more dignified retreat – with boots but sans cuirass.

You have to feel sorry for the poor chap, especially as the troop was practicing for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s forthcoming marriage.

Better luck on the day, eh? And be sure to wear clean socks, just in case!

~ by cavalrytales on April 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Boots on saddles!”

  1. I hope this was not the same fellow who was thrown on the actual day. We only got a brief glimpse of that unplanned event on telly here in the US. They reported that one of the horses of the guards escorting Will and Kate on the way back to Buckingham Palace was spooked by the noise of the crowd, threw his rider and cantered off. I hope the poor fellow and his horse both suffered no ill effects.

    Thanks for posting the photo, it is always impressive to see these troops mounted in full dress. We don’t have anything like it on this side of the pond. I hope you Brits appreciate what you’ve got! 😉




  2. Later newspaper reports said the horse returned to barracks ( which are just around the corner!) and neither horse nor rider suffered any injury, which is good news. Except I wouldn’t fancy falling on tarmac wearing a steel cuirass and backplate – ouch.

    The problem with stuff like this is you never realise how good it is until it’s gone. With mounted police units already being cut over here, despite overwhelming proof of their effectiveness, I worry how long the Household Cavalry will stay mounted. And if they go, so will the carriage processions – you can’t really drive a four-horse amongst a cavalcade of cars.



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