Blow your own trumpet? Why not.

Had an email today, which was a bit unexpected. And because it it was related to my last few posts, I thought it worth reproducing here.

What made the Royal Wedding so glorious?

I amsure you, like so many millions, were moved – perhaps many times.

But I am also pretty sure that, like me, you were paying close attention to one very special feature of the pomp and pageantry. A feature that makes our Royal occasions unlike any others.

I refer to the coach … the outriders … the cavalry … the jingling harness – and the horses. Is there any sight finer in the world?

But we here had a special reason for joy and pride. Every saddle on every horse in that magnificent parade was a Barnsby saddle.

You may have noticed that we have the Royal Warrant. The Household Cavalry on that day, as on all others, relied on Barnsby – as those who seek the best have done since 1793.

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Your performance is only as good as your saddle.


Danielle Redmond

Barnsby Saddles

Now I’m not recommending Cliff Barnsby above all others – they produce excellent quality British made saddles, but so do a number of companies. It’s just interesting that their company history stretches back so far . And it was in one of their storerooms that the controversial Royal Armouries 1805 Hussar saddle was discovered.

Long may they continue to make saddles in this country . Sadly, each year more saddlers close or are taken over. So I’m happy for them to blow their trumpet on this blog.

D’you think they’d advertise my book on their website?!!!

PS. The opinions expressed on Barnsby’s saddle checking and fitting page link are their own and not necessarily mine.

~ by cavalrytales on May 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Blow your own trumpet? Why not.”

  1. You’re right on. That is exactly what I was watching after I checked out the wedding dress and sighed because they got to ride in the carriages. The equestrian pomp was perfect. Well done, I say.


  2. Barnsby must like me. Got another email today just pointing out that Mary King used Barnsby saddles for her one-two at Lexington and 4th at Badminton.
    Pity I’m not in the market for a new saddle – maybe they’d give me a discount!
    Or maybe not, lol.


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