Happy Winter Holiday??? Merry Christmas!

Little Donkey

Does this sort of phraseology drive you nuts?

‘Happy Winter Holiday’ – a phrase coined by who-knows-who and seized upon by those congenitally afraid of upsetting someone. Who this ‘someone’ might be is to me, at any rate, unclear.

Perhaps the word ‘Christmas’ upsets non-Christian religions. If they’re so sensitive as to feel aggrieved by views other than their own, then they worship a pretty intolerant God.

 Maybe it upsets Christians who don’t believe in the Nativity. So they’re intolerant too, are they?

The most compulsive argument I’ve come across for using ‘Happy Winter Holiday’ instead of ‘Happy Christmas’ is that the Christian connotation confuses the children of non-believers. And I could go for that, except…is it impossible for their parents to explain to them why they believe as they do, from an early age?

Actually, I think the phrase was coined by atheists, often the most intolerant of all non-believers. They can’t handle the joy Christmas brings to countless millions because they don’t get it, so why should anyone have fun if they don’t?

Of course Christmas also brings misery to millions all over the world, and if we can’t at least spare a thought for them in the season of goodwill we’ve no right to celebrate the birth of Christ.

So I say just ignore the PC brigade. Eat, drink, make merry. But do something for someone less fortunate than you are – it doesn’t matter how big or small, just something. Because if we all do something the world becomes a better place. That’s really what celebrating Christmas is all about.

Happy Christmas!

What?  Where’s the cavalry?

OK – just for you here’s a typically odd UK Christmas lament which sort-of says it all, really.

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~ by cavalrytales on December 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “Happy Winter Holiday??? Merry Christmas!”

  1. I agree, agree, agree! Jesus IS the reason for the season – all of the other holidays came later AND if someone wants to tell me what holiday they are celebrating I would be SO very glad to wish them well for it!

    I think you are right as well, in that atheists may be behind the movement. In our rush to be pc we have actually altered a time held traditional greeting…how quickly we bend over and that is embarrassing.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas to you too!


  2. Next “they” will be attacking ‘holiday’ which is holy day
    MERRY CHRISTMAS may your holy-day be blessed beyond measure.



  3. As one of “them” I’ll have to disagree — we say “Happy Holidays” as a way to be inclusive of ALL religious beliefs, not just Christianity. Many non-religious people celebrate a purely secular Christmas, and enjoy the usual Christmas festivities. Others are celebrating winter solstice, which certainly predates Jesus and Christianity. Jesus is not “the reason for the season” for everyone, and gently reminding others that not everyone shares their beliefs is neither PC nor intolerant.


    • I don’t get upset about this at all. People can wish happy any way they want as long as it is sincere. Now I see Holiday as a variation of “Holy Day” which it is and should be kept that way out of respect to the Almighty. I still like Christmas tho


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