Napoleonland? You’re having a laff…

Sorry – this is so good an article I simply had to re-blog it. And it perhaps helps show why there’s always been … let’s just say ‘a history’ between us and our friends over the Channel!

M.M. Bennetts

No, I’m not.  It is not a joke.  And no, I am not making it up. 

I don’t have to.  A former French minister, one Yves Jego, beat me to it. 

(Yes, I am already laughing…)

According to a recent Telegraph article, Monsieur Jego has drawn up plans for an amusement park to rival Disneyland (in whose mind?) to be located at the site of the French Emperor’s (mushroom Corsican upstart) final win against the Austrians in 1814, at Montereau just south of Paris. 

I’ll wager the Austrians can’t wait to visit! 

The article, by Henry Samuel, reported that “the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, in which the Duke of Wellington ended Napoleon’s rule in France, could be recreated on a daily basis with visitors perhaps even able be able to take part in the reenactments.”

You mean I could watch Napoleon sitting painfully (he had piles) upon his poor horse as his army got the…

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~ by cavalrytales on February 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Napoleonland? You’re having a laff…”

  1. And what’s comes next???? oh boy


    • Oh, they eventually decided cold-shoeing both took longer and gave a poorer fit – shoes didn’t stay on as long. So by the 1840s they’d gone back to hot-shoeing.
      It was one of those fads you get in the horse world, a bit like the idea docking a horse’s tail strengthened its back. Bonkers, but people believed it.


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