Saving Waterloo

With its 200th anniversary fast approaching, it seems as if the caretakers of probably the most important, and iconic, battlefield in the world have their act together.

It continually amazes me that our government is so negative about commemorating that final victory over Napoleon, in 2015, for fear of upsetting the French. They have probably the biggest and most enthusiastic community of re-enactors in Europe!

~ by cavalrytales on March 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Saving Waterloo”

  1. That is interesting, but then, we’re British and I guess we never like to upset calm waters, even if the French are building an entire theme park for Napoleon!


  2. At least we’ll probably avoid ‘the red team vs the blue team’ as happened on the Trafalgar anniversary – it’d be too accurate!


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