Film Horses – Do They Neigh Too Often? Our Reporter Investigates…

When you’re pretty familiar with a certain subject, obvious mistakes found in entertainment media can sometimes make you…well, pretty pissed off, if you’re me. Especially when people who hardly know which end bites and which kicks actually write about them.


So – if you want to write horses well, there are plenty of tips in this fine article by Philippa Jane Norman. 

Whoa, there!

I Bet You Can’t Write Horses

~ by cavalrytales on May 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Film Horses – Do They Neigh Too Often? Our Reporter Investigates…”

  1. I have always wondered what was wrong with my horses – they never neigh when I pull on the reins…


    • Ha, ha! I had a discussion recently on whether a lone horse would whicker to its rider, my view being since the horse was already in physical contact it wouldn’t need to. What d’you think about that?


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