Anniversary waltz…

Salamanca – the beautiful Spanish city.  And the battle where British General John Gaspard Le Marchant’s heavy cavalry completely destroyed three French infantry brigades. Although he was unfortunately killed, so not a complete success on that score.

And two regiments of the King’s German Legion Dragoons broke French infantry squares, the only time this happened in the six years of the Peninsular War.  All thanks to the French opening fire first too early, which pissed the Germans off just a bit, and then too late in the Dragoons’ charge.  And a dead horse – which slid into the square, smashing a hole the remaining dragoons rode through.

Anyway,  since today I’ve been both riding and plumbing in a new kitchen tap for my mother instead of writing, here’s a colleague’s take on the battle.  It’s far better than mine would have been.

Battle of Salamanca

~ by cavalrytales on July 22, 2012.

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