Got a smoke, mate? Ah – no matches…


Detaille’s famous picture of French hussar General Antoine Lassalle wielding pipe rather than sabre at the Battle of Wagram

Before lighters and matches if you wanted to light a pipe or cigar, or a candle for that matter, you were a bit stuck unless you had a fire going.

But how to light the fire to begin with?

You need a tinderbox, old fellow!

Here’s a great post by Mike Rendall on those frustrating yet essential, male accessories at a time when tobacco was THE great calmer of nerves before (and after) battle.

Strike a Light! Georgian Tinderboxes


~ by cavalrytales on June 26, 2013.

One Response to “Got a smoke, mate? Ah – no matches…”

  1. I’ve started lots of fires in our fireplace and it is an art to itself. I have often wondered how the ancients did it but also understand the importantance of why the Vestals Virgins kept their fire going. Loved how they did it on Game of Thrones but oh it appeared so easy. ha


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