Almost like winning the lottery!! But…not quite.

This week I started a new job and…won a book!

Thanks to those lovely ladies and gentlemen at English Historical Fiction Authors Blog I’m now the proud possessor of a brand spanking new copy of Betrayal by Julian Stockwin, signed and despatched by the author himself!


Now I’m not really into naval fiction, not even Napoleonic naval fiction. I’ve never read Patrick O’Brien and my one attempt to read through the Hornblower series ended prematurely in my teens about, erm…ten years ago. Ish. I did enjoy Alexander Kent’s ‘Bolitho’ series, though, even if I didn’t understand much of the terminology.

Problem is I don’t like ships. Actually, that’s not true – I’m rather fascinated by them. But they don’t seem to like me, or the sea doesn’t. Several hair-raising voyages in small boats off the coasts of South and West Wales haven’t helped. Experienced sailors would probably laugh and liken a three or four foot swell to a mill pond: frankly I’d rather be on a bolting nag headed for a barbed wire fence.

Which is a problem, because half my next Cavalry Tale is set on board a transport ship headed for Portugal, and needs to be written as if I know something about seafaring. Ancestors on one side of my family were sailors. The wrong side, obviously.

Mr Stockwin, an ex-Royal Navy man, writes with a sureness of touch based on his vast experience at sea. If you’d like to know more about him and his books, his website’s here

Julian Stockwin Author Website

Once I’ve read Betrayal I’ll post a review. But I’m saving the book for our holiday in early September when I’ll be…cruising around the coast of Spain and Portugal.

Wish me luck!

And if anyone else wants to send a gift, I take a size LARGE in Lifejackets 😉

~ by cavalrytales on August 15, 2013.

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