Book Review: ‘Coachman’ by Sue Millard

An entertaining drive through important British social history


This book’s a bit of a gentler read than my usual military fiction. It’s a romance, between young four-in-hand driver George Davenport and his landlady’s daughter, set in Victorian times. Just as the golden age of the mail coach is coming to an end with the building of the railways: a sort-of Dr Beeching in reverse, really.

The author is a whip of long standing, and it was that which originally drew me to the book. I wasn’t disappointed – Millard’s knowledge of horse and carriage runs as a strong thread through the story, though she never beats us over the head with it.

One problem I’ve found with a lot of Kindle books is the writing. Characters can be weak or unsympathetic, so however attractive the premise of the story it turns into a tiresome read. This was the complete opposite: although I’d hardly consider myself a romance addict the pages fairly flew by. Top marks!

I ‘bought’ Coachman when it was free on Kindle a few weeks ago and read it over a couple of evenings. If you like a light, well-researched historical you’ll definitely enjoy this.

But there were no battles, so I can only give it 4 stars  😉

Author Sue Millard’s Blog

Coachman on Kindle UK


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