If Only You Could Talk…

I often say this to equines. Along with such things as ‘Where’s the sore spot, then?’ ‘Is that too tight now?’ ‘Will that sit too low when someone climbs on board?’

They never answer, though. Saddle-fit customers must think I’m talking to myself, and I suppose I am. You have to be slightly mad to believe you can engineer the perfect interface between horse-back and rider-backside.

But if horses could talk, maybe they’d have conversations like this one, between a well-bred cavalry horse and a common draught during the English Civil War 😀

Talking Horses

~ by cavalrytales on February 25, 2015.

3 Responses to “If Only You Could Talk…”

  1. They put up with so much…noble in a way…thanks for reminding us to look out for their best interests.

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  2. I’ve often wondered about talking to horses…but I do or did. They listen very well. We could learn something there as well.

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  3. Fun.


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