A surgeon in the Peninsula – George Guthrie


While trundling around the net the other day (honest – I was researching!) I came across this excellent post on one of the more famous Peninsula surgeons, George Guthrie.

Author Mick Crumplin is both eminent surgeon and historian himself –  in fact you’ve probably seen him on TV.  And this article was written for the Waterloo 200 website a couple of years ago. Definitely worth a read if you’re interested in Wellington’s army.

Guthrie’s War


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3 Responses to “A surgeon in the Peninsula – George Guthrie”

  1. Thanks for this Jonathan. The book itself is well worth reading too. Curiously, Lord Cochrane sailed with a Surgeon Guthrie but not this Surgeon Guthrie. It’s a mystery which Guthrie it was.


    • I’ve read a bit about Cochrane but that didn’t ring a bell with me. Interesting, too, because I don’t suppose it’s that common a surname. I must look it up, because I’ve a plan to use Guthrie in the Bussaco/Torres Vedras story but the current one-in-progress features the ubiquitous lord (always wanted to include him in something!) and another Surgeon Guthrie might cause a bit of useful confusion later in the series 🙂


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